A TrackBack-enabled Thesaurus

The Shifted Librarian musings about TrackBack:

And could you build a master database of these things and organize them by category? Kind of make a Social Sciences Citation Index for your site? Something like that would be extremely useful within the Illinois libraries blogosphere I want to implement.

Absolutely! That is exactly what KMpings provides a proof-of-concept for.

For example, take a thesaurus or other controlled vocabulary and a fresh MovableType blog.

Add a category to the blog for each entry of the thesaurus. Enable TrackBack pings for each category as you create them. Create an index page for each category that displays the pings sent to it.

Other MovableType users may now set up their categories to ping specific terms in the thesaurus blog thus adding relevant posts to a list of recent entries on that topic.

So, the capability is there. However, most thesaurii have dozens to hundreds of terms which quickly becomes unmanagable with the current MT interfaces. A more robust management interface is needed to scale up to a full blown thesaurus categorization for blogs posts. Since MT supports MySQL databases now, a thesaurus management interface to MT can be developed separately.

Other software, such as Radio, have to implement the ability for Radio categories to TB ping other sites for this to work. We’ll get there.