Blogware as Disruptive Tech

Via Terry Frazier’s weblog: Blogs as Disruptive Tech – How weblogs are flying under the radar of the Content Management Giants

This piece is definitely worth a read.

Increasingly, there’s only a thin layer of functionality separating blogware from low-end Content Management solutions. Features like:

* Basic Workflow, so administrators can approve content and templates
* Permission Levels, so you can easily separate content editors from template designers
* Update Histories, so you can track whose updating what (and when)
* Multiple Types of Data, so you can do more than just post blogs (e.g. post Press Releases or Job Listings)

A blogging software company that adds those functionalities to basic blogware could start to eat away at Content Management market share on the low-end. It’s already starting to happen with corporate weblogs: knowledge management blogs, corporate communications blog, and marketing blogs are all making a splash in the marketplace without much participation from the low to mid-end content management systems.

I think it represents the growth of more diverse tools to meet the diverse needs that have always been there. Why buy a $100k hammer if you have $0.02 nails?