It is the technology. And the people.

From McGee’s Musings:

KM as a technology issue

What if knowledge management actually is a technology problem?

This perspective suggests that technology’s primary organizational contribution to knowledge management is in establishing a uniform infrastructure and contributing to a consistent language and terminology environment.

To me K-Logs represent the most interesting recent effort to address this need with a simple solution available right now. They offer a starting point that a knowledge worker can understand and build from.

The catch-22 I keep finding myself in is trying to encourage the grass-roots development of KM tools and sharing while simultaneously crafting an organized taxonomy for our klog network. Too much top-down planning and structure will stifle the creativity of klogs during the start-up phase. Yet not enough structural planning will eventually lead to chaos as the network grows.

Anyone worked this out yet?

2 thoughts on “It is the technology. And the people.

  1. Thanks for the link Denham. I’ll check it out.

    I think a big contribution to corporate memory is that the narative created by an employee klogging their work still exists and is available after they leave the organization. Even when they aren’t available the tacit knowledge they were sharing will still be accessible to a certain extent.

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