The KMpings Experiment

I created a little blog called KMpings that allows any blogger writing about knowledge management to ping their post to a tracking page (if their software supports it). Think of it as a themed for the knowledge management community.

I wanted to try out this experiment since I think the TrackBack function created by Movable Type has a lot of potential for aggregating blog posts within communities of practice on the web or an intranet. Please post any feed back you have to this message or shoot me an e-mail.

Check out the KMpings blog for links to information on how to configure MT as well as a TrackBack hack for Radio.

If the page takes off I’ll look into enhancing features based on feedback from the community. One I’m definitely going to work on this week is creating an RSS feed of the pings.

Happy KMpinging!

One thought on “The KMpings Experiment

  1. Looks like the Radio trackback hack I linked to needs some more work to include more than the url of the post. Let me know if any of you radio scripters get a more robust version going and I’ll link to it.

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