Blogging From Tacit to Explicit

Jon Udell is on target with his coment below about how weblogs can facilitate knowledge exchange around the use of technology:

For years people have argued that software must relentlessly improve its score on the “mom test” and that is certainly true. But there’s another angle here comes back to the KM aspects of blogging. When we narrate, we externalize what we know. We convert tacit knowledge to explicit knowledge. This can help software become more usable for two reasons. First, when technologists narrate what they know, they’re more likely to realize how much tacit knowledge they have and expect in others. Second, when non-technologists narrate what they know, technologists can see more clearly that the expected tacit knowledge is missing.

I can immediately think of several software applications in my office that would be better understood and used by our staff if more features were explained by power users.  Of course those power users need to also be good communicators, which can sometimes be a tripping point.